sábado, 23 de enero de 2010


Take the small pouch and exit to the world. Walk through their common spaces and notice.

2nd. Make use of the peephole select a small space that you want to modify.

WORLD space: 30 X 30 X 60 cm.

(Yes! Only 30 centimeters world)

3rd- Register, document somehow as possible the selected space before the next step.

4th. The most important steps:


The possibilities are as many as those you imagine.

Beyond!!! Already done also we did together, you can easily change it.

Then transform this selected space of the world.

5th. In the small pouch you will find an small scale.

Deploying the scale next to the space-world you transformed.

Register, document that transformation.

This small transformation has been an individual act, but whether this is an extremely collective action.

Add yours 30 cm space to ANOTHER POSSIBLE WORLD!

6th. The small pouch contains a tab to add the documentation as a record of the transformation made in the space-world selected.

Please submit such register of the transformation that has done.

Specify please city or place where those 30 new centimeters are, since we will add all centimeters modified in the world.

NOTICE: If you saw the need to use this Kit again – Do it, used the Kit again.

Don't hesitate!

We recommend that you modify 30 cm. daily.



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